More About Leeza

Hello and welcome to Spirit of Calm Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.  I would like to congratulate you on taking this first step towards a new and better you – the real you!

My name is Leeza McCarragher, a Biomedical research scientist by trade, a therapist by heart!  You may wonder why I took the transition from a laboratory research scientist to dedicating my time to helping others towards a more positive future…the path was somewhat convoluted, a spaghetti junction if you will, but one that moulded me into the clinical hypnotherapist I am today!

I started my career in medical science, first completing a Biomedical science degree at Queen’s University of Belfast, before completing my Doctorate at the University of Sheffield (focusing on biochemical signalling pathways in breast cancer and their synergistic role in combination with current chemotherapeutic agents). I wanted to help people, I dreamed of finding a cure for cancer, to me this was the ideal job, a mix of science and care!  Although this was extremely rewarding (I used to think of it as putting my own little piece into the ‘cure for cancer’ jigsaw) I knew deep down that I was a people person, and a confined laboratory space, although great for many life-saving scientists, didn’t give me the positive interaction I craved with others. It was after my first year as a post-doctoral research associate that I decided to make a positive change and it soon became apparent that I could utilise the skills and experience I had gained as a Biomedical Scientist to carve out a successful career in medical, diagnostic and scientific sales for some of the UKs major diagnostic and scientific companies. I got to stay in the scientific field and interact with the public, what else could I want or see myself doing?

During my time as a Sales Engineer, I experienced a lifestyle that many would say charmed.  Yes I got to travel across Europe, Asia, India and North America…I enjoyed great rewards for my sales efforts, however for those of you who wouldn't be familiar with corporate sales, it is a highly competitive environment and extremely target driven, and although I enjoyed the challenge, I also recognised that in order to get to the top, the people in my life, who were of most importance, began to suffer, as did  my own mental health and wellbeing.  Don’t get me wrong I worked with some of the most amazing and caring people you could ever meet, but for me it was a 24/7 job, little downtime, even on holiday, poolside answering of emails and phone calls became the norm.  After 11 years in the industry I made the important decision for my own mental health to step away.  

My dream to work with the public was still there, I soon realised that my story resonated with so many people and during my career break I began my search for self-help and it was then that I decided to study around complementary therapies.  I practiced Reiki healing and trained to become a Reiki Master, I used my gift of intuition to read angel cards and even ran awareness classes and meditation evenings and workshops on a regular basis.  At last I began to feel a sense of purpose!  I felt so rewarded in helping others, I was finally working with the public and helping people directly!  I had found my life calling, everything was beginning to fall into place…..


I set up Spirit of Calm Complementary therapies in 2014 and it soon became apparent that many of my wonderful clients who were seeking my services were suffering, to some degree, with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.  Many came to me for guidance and reassurance that their futures were going to be ok, that they would be happy and stress-free… they wanted a magic wand, a genie in a lamp so to speak. On some very rare occasions, but still occasions none-the-less, it would brake my heart to know that I was sending some people back to a life that they wished they could change, and deep down I knew I wasn’t in anyway equipped to properly help them make those changes.  I recognised that those very same people needed to be able to help themselves, but someone had to help them first!  That’s when I opened the laptop and began my research into modern day therapies for anxiety and depression. I saw the Clifton Practice for Hypnotherapy Training jump out at me straight away during a late night google search and I can now say hand on my heart that that was the evening that my life changed.  Everything about Solution Focused Hypnotherapy resonated with me!  I was seeking positive change since my research days, I too suffered with anxiety and depression, my love for trance meditation entwined with the relaxation hypnosis made me feel like it was meant to be!  My first love of science , particularly around the subjects of psychology and neuroscience from my undergraduate days was nurtured once more!  I was able to be a scientist again but getting to help people directly!  I have never been happier….and I can say with the utmost confidence that with my help and experience you too will be the happiest you have ever been…the real you from within!