Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Can Help You Achieve and Maintain a Healthy Weight

Congratulations on taking the first step towards a healthier you!  Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain weight or maintain a healthy weight, we can help you at Spirit of Calm!


My story!

If you are seeking to lose weight in order to be a healthier version of you, I can relate!  I have always struggled with my weight, I have never been naturally slim, I have tried this diet and that quick fix, and even though they worked for a while and I lost the weight, I always found that the pounds would pile straight back on when I began to relax my approach to healthier eating (I say healthier because I truly believe that we can have a little bit of whatever we fancy in moderation.) Does this sound familiar?


It wasn’t until I had my son when I was 42 that I began to lose the uphill struggle.  I gained 3 stone during my pregnancy and then some after, I was no longer happy with how I looked or indeed how I felt physically, and running after a little toddler made me feel like I was much much older than my years.  Yes I made many excuses, I put it down to being an older mum, perhaps premenopausal, perhaps it was my hormones, my metabolism is slowing down because I’m getting older, that I had fibromyalgia and I wasn’t able to exercise without pain….etc etc etc…you get the picture!  But in all honesty I wasn’t making healthy choices and I somehow got used to telling myself that I’ll try to be good from Monday after a weekend of binge eating.


What changed? Well you guessed it…Solution Focused Hypnotherapy!  I began my training in hypnotherapy at the Clifton Practice and the more I learned about the brain and began practicing on clients, I noticed I was making healthier choices than I had ever done before and I wasn’t eating anywhere as near as much as I used to - that’s when I realised that not only is this therapy effective on my clients, it was also subconsciously working on myself!  I found myself to be more active, eating less junk and more healthier foods and within 3.5 months I lost 42lbs (3 stone) in the most easiest possible way!  And I continue to loose! 

If you are looking for a quick fix or magic wand that sees you losing a ridiculous amount of weight in a unrealistic time frame (only to regain it weeks or months down the line) then this may not be for you. But if you are looking for a method that will ensure that you get to the root problem(s) of your relationship with food which in turn will help you lose the weight and maintain a healthy weight for good then Solution Focused hypnotherapy IS for you!


Number of sessions required will be established after your initial consultation – this may be 4 - 6 sessions, perhaps more perhaps less.

Cost of initial consultation -£60 – 60 mins

Cost per sessions thereafter - £60 – 50-60 mins

In the interest of social distancing due to the Covid -19 pandemic all sessions will be carried out online via zoom