Smoking Cessation

Congratulations on your first step towards quitting smoking for good!  At Spirit of Calm we know that when you book in with us you are already half-way there towards being smoke free! Requiring only one session lasting between 1.2 – 2 hrs,  you will no longer be a smoker as you will be equipped with the tools to free yourself from cigarettes for good! 


Unlike other ‘quick fix methods’, we educate you on how your brain works around smoking combined with a relaxation trance session where we give you the psychological tools to easily give up smoking for good!  All we ask for in 100% intent and ridding of any smoking paraphernalia you have prior to your session.


You will also be required to listen to our relaxation download every evening before sleep to help the process.


All sessions currently taking place via Zoom in order to meet strict social distancing around the Covid-19 pandemic.


Cost of session: £160

Session Length: 2 hours