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“Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.”

Theodore Roosevelt

What is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a type of ‘talking therapy’, that combines the use of psychotherapy with hypnosis. Hypnosis or ‘trance’ is a very natural, relaxing state, encouraged by using guided relaxation, where the mind can relax and then focus on thoughts and suggestions that might be useful. As a modern psychotherapeutic approach, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy uses practical, structured, and well-researched strategies to help people make significant, positive changes in their lives in a relatively short period of time. Crucially, in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, therapists look at what the client wants to achieve (the solution) rather than at whatever prompted them to seek help (the problem).

Dr Leeza McCarragher

Ph.D, BmedSci, DSFH, AfSFH(Reg), MNCH (Reg), CNHC(Reg)


Why Choose Spirit of Calm?

Warm & Friendly

with a professional approach - all sessions carried out to the highest of standards with confidence and discretion assured.

Accredited & Professionally Qualified to the Highest of Standards

Studied at Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training which is considered the Gold Standard in Hypnotherapy Training leading towards a diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (DSFH) in June 2020. This involved over 200 hours of 1-1 clinical sessions with continuous learning through class room and home study.

(currently completing a case study portfolio and written assessment in order to gain my Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma (HPD) - expected in July 2020).

Dedicated to Good General Practice Governance

Member of the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (AfSFH) and the National Council for Hypnotherapists (NCH).

Professional Approach

Fully Insured (Underwritten by Holistic Insurance Services)

Access NI disclosure certificate (essential when working with Children and Vulnerable Adults)

Access to expert supervision as per requirements of ASfSFH and NCH membership

Dedicated to Continuous Professional Development

Continuous study through assessed CPD modules  to meet associated membership requirements and to ensure up to date clinical knowledge. 

Personalized Attention

Upon completion of our initial consultation we are able to tailor your follow up sessions to suit your needs and goals.  Number of sessions required depends very much  on a number of factors which will be discussed on the day. Our aim is to help you to achieve your goals in the fastest possible time, and with your 100% dedication we will!

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Opening Hours

During the Covid-19 Pandemic all sessions will be carried out online via Zoom

Mon - Thurs: 9:30am-1:30pm & 7:45pm - 10:00pm

Client Testimonials

What They’re Saying

I cannot recommend Spirit of Calm Hypnotherapy highly enough! Leeza is calm, gentle, kind and so very genuine.  If you have any areas in your life needing help this is the place to go.

Louisa, Ballynahinch

I would highly recommend Leeza and this method of hypnotherapy. I came to Leeza with symptoms of depression & anxiety due to a highly stressful job & some trauma. Even after one session I honestly began to see the benefit. Listening to the hypnotherapy download each night along with weekly psychotherapy sessions with Leeza has resulted in better quality of sleep, better coping strategies and a more positive outlook. Leeza has always made me feel so comfortable. Thank you so much Leeza

Ciara, Glenavy

I cannot recommend Leeza enough!
Without wanting to sound too melodramatic, she has literally turned my life around by helping me change my way of thinking whilst teaching me strategies to focus on positive solutions rather than feeling overwhelmed by problematic issues and difficulties.

In Nov 2018, I suffered a breakdown resulting from a build up of stress in the workplace culminating in a particular traumatic incident which left me with feelings of severe anxiety, depression and horrendous panic attacks. I had not known fear like it before as, with my heart racing, my chest tight and extreme difficulty breathing, I felt as if I was having a heart attack. I had no control over my emotions and could have cried over the slightest thing. I kept obsessing over the situation that tipped me over the edge, I over thought and analysed every last conversation which left me drained and exhausted. This extreme fatigue was compounded by lack of sleep so I had difficulty functioning in day to day life and spent hours staring into space, unwashed, wearing the same clothes for days feeling an overwhelming sense of worthlessness. I most certainly didn’t feel anything like my usual bubbly, chatty person with a great sense of humour who loved to make friends laugh. The strong one who people turned to for advice and support was now broken and needed a dose of her own medicine… only that person inside of me was lost. The panic, depression and anxiety coupled with the fear and uncertainty of my future left me punctured and completely unable to either think logically to plan ahead sensibly, or to be able to self-help in a practical way and gather myself together again. I felt helpless, useless and a burden to my family.

I had already been through two sets of different counselling by the time I learned of Leeza’s “Solution Focused Hypnotherapy”. By all means there is a place for counselling and mental health concerns should be immediately reported to your GP. For me, the circumstances surrounding my stress and anxiety, the fact it was work related, meant that each session in counselling covered issues relating directly to the workplace environment and colleagues involved. I had to relive the trauma and upsetting incidents, which subsequently resulted in further emotional outpouring and I returned home exhausted after each session. A year later and I was still off work and felt no further on. I had developed avoidance strategies so I didn’t go to places where I might feel anxious, nervous, worried or sensations of panic. I felt like a hermit in my own home but it was my ‘safe place’ where I felt a certain degree of control. I had myself convinced that this was my future.

When I read about Leeza beginning a new type of therapy I loved the sound of “Solution”. This word alone gives an immediate sense of positivity. She explained how she would focus on helping me overcome my symptoms of anxiety and would give me strategies to get the “old me” back. For the first time in 18 months I felt I was being offered a life line.

From the first session meeting me at her front door with a warm welcome and wide smile, Leeza gave me feelings of positivity. Although she required a very brief history of my circumstances at our initial meeting, there was never any focus placed on what had already happened in the past. I did not ever have to relive and dwell on any traumatic events and on the few times when I came close to referring to them, Leeza swiftly stopped me with a kind, gentle reminder of “No negativity allowed!”

During my first session I was reassured that my anxiety would be lessened, eventually to the point where, after using strategies Leeza taught me, I would be able to cope with any event life threw my way. This sounded amazing and nearly too good to be true after such a long length of time spent suffering. Leeza made me feel very welcome and relaxed, she chatted easily to me and asked what I wanted in my future? Had I any goals? What did I want from life? At that stage I just wanted “fixed”. I wanted to feel normal again, in control of my own emotions with the self confidence to leave my home without fear. My self esteem had plummeted and I needed to feel a sense of worth. Was this too much to expect?

Leeza wasted no time in explaining to me how the brain works. With stress and anxiety, the high levels of cortisol and adrenaline that I had been constantly experiencing for so many years had contributed to my overall mental and physical deterioration. Using diagrams, Leeza pointed out the different sections of the brain and their function in daily life. She pointed to the “stress bucket” which naturally gets filled with events through each day but which also should be emptied by the body each night when we are in a deep sleep. I had forgotten what deep sleep felt like! Leeza provided me with a recording to listen to every night in bed. This enabled me to properly relax and unwind. I no longer tossed and turned while overthinking and mulling worries over and over in my mind. I fell asleep!

Every session which followed always focused on the positive events of my week. I learned that the more positivity that I felt inside in my thoughts or that I spoke out loud then the more positivity that happened in my life. What you put out there, you get back. The recording that I happily and habitually listened to every evening was giving me subliminal techniques and strategies to help me build my self esteem and feel confident to face situations. I was changing the chemical balance in my own body with Leeza’s expert advice and direction. My body was no longer reacting to stress and anxiety in the same manner because I was finding solutions to various situations. Yes, I still had many issues where stress and anxiety could manifest themselves and cause me physical and mental harm but Leeza had shown me a positive solution in how I could address them and move forward.

So, I hope after reading my review you too can fully appreciate how Leeza really did “turn my life around”. I still listen to her recording every night and now share my story with friends and family I see struggling. Life is too short to be anything but happy.

If Leeza was a restaurant she’d have a Michelin Star. If she was on Trip Advisor it would be a 5* review and I would be booking a repeat visit. Your mental health is much more important so treat it with the care and respect it deserves by contacting Leeza.

Kathryn, Lisburn